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HINTS offers information about learning opportunities all around the Charlotte area that you can participate in, support when you need some guidance, and potential relationships that will bless you for years to come.

In addition HINTS offers (or has offered in the past): 

· Great Friendships
· February Night of Encouragement for HINTS member moms
· Choirs (CHEA)
· Ladies Nights Out

. Field Trips
· Girl Scouts (CHEA)
· Graduation (ZOE)
· HINTS e-loop (Yahoogroup)
· Ice Skating (CHEA)
· Informational Tea
· HINTS Library merged with Matthews Christian Library
· Newsletter, monthly
· Relationships with other homeschoolers
· Roller skating (CHEA)
· Student Activities & Opportunities posted in our newsletter
· Standardized Achievement Testing Information
· Teen Learning Center (CHEA)
· Used Curriculum Sales (CHEA)

CHEA = Charlotte Home Educators Association

ZOE = ZOE Teen Group 


• Parents have a constitutional right and a God-given responsibility to provide the best possible education for each of their children. For parents who have been called to home education, this responsibility is made easier with the support of other homeschooling parents.

• Even though it is sometimes necessary to offer opportunities which may separate the family (such age restricted activities, or Ladies Night Out events, etc.), we believe it is better to keep the family together whenever possible.

• Responsibilities should be shared among all members. No one person or group of individuals should be overburdened.

• Participation by our members in the political process is encouraged to safeguard our right to homeschool.

HINTS is a member of the Charlotte Home Educators Association (CHEA), an association of support groups in the Charlotte area.

HINTS is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and in the event that it ceases, any and all assets would be donated to a non-profit organization chosen by the HINTS Board. HINTS does accept donations; however neither donations nor membership dues are tax-deductible.

2018-2019 dues

Returning & NEW Members

      $20 – Membership through May 2019

HINTS does not accept NEW or RETURNING Members Between January 15 and May 31 of each year since our new year begins in June of each year. Interested moms are welcomed to join us for our monthly Ladies Night Out events in January and April while waiting for our membership renewal period to begin in March. Please contact us by clicking on the pencil below to inquire about meeting details.

1. Because we are a homeschooling support group the family must be homeschooling at least one child. The child may be a preschooler and no formal curriculum needs to be used. A child is not considered homeschooled if they are involved with any of the following: day care, mother’s morning out, or preschool.

2. The leadership of the Board comes from the perspective of the “better late than early” philosophy of education, and that ideally, homeschool should be different than “school at home” patterned after traditional schools. For these reasons, we strongly encourage each new member of HINTS to read The Successful Home School Family Handbook by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore within one month
of joining HINTS. (If your child is 7 or under we would also suggest, Better Late Than Early, also by the Moores.)

3.  Each family needs to contribute at least one service for HINTS during the year. Each year members will be asked to list these services on the membership application/questionnaire. If you are unable to list at least one service, the board will review your application for membership. 


4. After you join HINTS, new applicants will be contacted by our new member coordinator to help you identify areas of service that you can participate in to fulfill this requirement.


5. Dues, to cover the cost of the expenses of the group, will be paid annually by renewing members within one month of the date when the application for the following year is made available. Once paid, dues are not refundable.


Please refresh your browser to make sure you get the most recent version of the documents offered below.

2018-2019 Letter from our Director

2018-2019 HINTS Membership Application

2018-2019 Membership Service Selection Instructions and List



HINTS is governed by a Board of Directors who, according to our By-Laws, must all be professing Christians. The existing board appoints new board members. Annually, the board delegates responsibilities and tasks among the members using the preferences indicated by the results of our membership questionnaire. If you would like to contact a member of the HINTS Board of Directors, please click on the pencil below.